How to REVAMP your playstation

Sony Entertainment is the biggest  company in entertainment industry, and there are good reasons for that. I mean  which first fells on your mind when you hear name Sony? Are that their epic Smart phones or maybe their famous movies and animated cartoons, or even one and only PlayStation consoles? When I heard name Sony one things get in my mind and that are their remarkable and perfect home gaming consoles. There are four of them.  First one and the most famous PlayStation one was made long time ago at 1995 year and it was sold in over 200 million copies till today. Second one was PlayStation two and it was sold in  less copies and it was around 120 million, but this console was important because it introduced us with online gaming network which had a limited number of users who needed a network adapter to connect on Sony gaming network. Five years later Sony released PlayStation three console and introduced us with very famous online gaming platform called PlayStation Network, you probably heard about it and you have one account on it am I right? PlayStation Network allowed us to buy games online with PlayStation network card codes which contained unique twelve digit code. That code needed to enter into your account to generate certain amounts of money in US dollars. IF you want you can participate in daily giveaways for free PSN codes too, which is pretty intense and interesting.

Easy to Use, Really great graphics

PlayStation 4 is the latest in row of Sony’s gaming consoles. And it’s the most played console in 2014 and 2015 year. PlayStation 4 introduced us with new camera which could be used to video chat with other players on PlayStation network. Beside that they introduced us with new controller who were using wireless technology. And the best of all Sony added a streaming program into user interface so players could watch a streams from other professional players  who were earning with streaming for Sony. My favorite PlayStation streamer was Sepia guy who had over 20 thousand viewers daily.

If you wondered what Sony introduced in their latest patch its possibility to change users interface with new PS4 Themes  themes which were available to buy in official Sony store.  Also there are a lots of free themes made by community people. Some of community PlayStation 4 themes were great but some were not programmed at all and lagging . With that being said take care when you are downloading some community theme and always read feedback and comments. If you want to buy some premium HD theme  but you have no money than all you should to do is to go on various websites which offers all kinds of themes for PlayStation 4 and of course PlayStation 3. Feel free to try out the cool one made by myself. It’s called Wicked horse, it’s funny name but this theme is very unique and pretty. Theme picture is a horse who is acting like he is on drugs which is pretty funny if you ask me.


Development of the new technology enabled to us to enjoy in video games. Most people of all ages are enjoying in various types of video games. But people mostly like online and realistic games. that’s why you probably heard about simulation types of games.  They are very interesting and exciting games for people of all ages. Farming games became very popular in last few years as a result of lack of knowledge about  life in  the village and live peasant life. Most famous farming games are Farming simulator, green farm, Farmville, good farm and others. There are countless of farming games  but most famous are Farming Simulator and Farmville. Let’s talk about Farming simulator 2015 free download in this quick guide about farming games and tips for them. Farming Simulator is a real time simulation game created by one and only Giants software. First Farming Simulator was made 2007 year for android phones and year later for IOS platform and all apple devices. Game made big success in a short period of time, and when they released that they decided to make this game for others gaming platforms. So with release of Farming Simulator 2009 game became available for all devices including gaming consoles and desktop computers.

Over 1 Million Sales

Few days after release game was sold in  over a million copies , with that move Giants software earned few billions of profit at the end of 2010 year. Last release of Farming Simulator is called Farming Simulator 2015. In latest version of game they used latest Giants software which gave this game a very realistic and detailed graphics. Also they added a online mode so you could play with people around the earth in same server. New things which are different then with their precursor are new authentic vehicles, new crops and livestock. Giants Software wanted to show us how is it to be a farmer at Middle East and North America so they added new epic environments. Default environments were Europe and South America but now you can even play at Nordic are with authentic farming equipment and cars. Have you ever wanted to breed corn or potatoes ? Now you have a chance to breed them and run your own farm with a lots of the new animals.

The next great move was adding a modes. If you like to try new  vehicles or maps you can download them for free at specialized websites. There is also one most downloaded and used mod called Survival mode. There you could even kill your neighbors and harvest their plants and livestock . That was epic because you could became a serial killer in a little town where all of people were friendly and peaceful. Petty awesome right? But this game was not free to play and you had to buy it from their official website or download from App store for IOS devices or Google play store for android Smartphone’s. But don’t give up you can always participate in daily giveaways and win this epic  game for free.

Stranded Deep by Steam – Jaws, Castaway and Minecraft all in one.

Stranded Deep is one of Steam’s latest productions. Set in a lush tropical paradise, this game has no lack of things to do, things to eat and one big sleek thing that continuously tries to eat you. The signature appeal this game has is the realistic terror of being alone. Offering some fresh scares after too much supernatural hocus pocus that in the end leaves you thinking “but this will never happen.

Like most survival games you are initiated into a world of danger and hunger after a short prologue to set the situation, summarily “You’re not in Kansas anymore”. Only this time it is a plane crash you have survived. As you start to explore the breathtaking biomes around the crash site, you will immediately be introduced to the prospect of death by goring hunger, harsh elements and a man-eating shark.

Steam enjoyed many positive reviews posted on their official website after Stranded Deep Download For Free‘s Early Release in January 2015. Many gamers lucky enough to participate were quick to post their opinions on Steam’s forth biggest selling Game.

Along with the torrent of positive comments that Steam received there were a few reviewers that thought Steam could have done more to make the game less frustrating in some aspects. This article will summarize the features that earned Stranded Deep so many positive reviews and also shine a light on some points that merited a negative response from some reviewers.

Stranded Deep received many Positive Comments for…

Spectacular Environments Well Worth Exploring

The greatest amount of applause that Steam Software Company received for their production of Stranded Deep was for the detailed landscapes and paradisiacal surroundings. The many diverse biomes procedurally generated are full of colorful reefs, deep canyons and realistically awesome sunsets.

Then there are stunningly specific storms including swirling waves in a dramatic day to night system; god rays, volumetric fog, sea foam and subsurface scattering are some of the graphic details that make the environment most impressive.
A Captivating World of Potential

Hardcore fans of survival themed games will have no end of puzzles and interesting inventory to decipher and craft into the answers you will need to survive. The diverse life threatening situations that will present themselves can all be encountered and overcome in a different way each yielding a new experience. .

Some Details that concerned Early Release Reviewers were…

More bugs than an Old Mattress

Probably because it was an early release Stranded Deep, had a number of programming bugs that seriously frustrated some of the early reviewers. One such bug dubbed “Bermuda Triangle” would cause a watercraft to vanish from beneath the player while attempting to reach a neighboring island; bad news if the shark is near.

Other bugs would cause irrational and self-destructive behavior in the game’s character which adds a whole new level tedious difficulty to an already challenging game.

Good news, Steam has already released an update to patch-up many of the bugs lurking about the early release, including “Bermuda Triangle”. We strongly believe that the attention to detail the programmers exhibited in scenery development will be applied to remedying any remaining bugs shortly.

Challenging Highly-Realistic Details

This could be an advantage depending on the gamer. The limited HUD display and the absence of any sort of detailed instructions made simple tasks like crafting tools and shelters as well as cooking food a difficult task. Outside of a small icon indicating an object can be crafted there is little indication and much of your progress will depend on trial and error.

Again the realism of the game is a huge advantage or severe disadvantage depending on the person playing.
Bottom line, if you be brave and perseverant enough to work around the bugs (or patch them with the update when it is released) and can figure out a way to survive the many perils of a Castaway than Stranded Deep will offer you many hours of captivating game play and spectacular environments.